OAuth libraries bundled with webMethods 10.1


I wish to access a third party Salesforce service that is hosted in the cloud. I am told that this is secured through OAuth 2.0. In order to use the service I would have to download the scribejava API implementation for Salesforce which I believe is available here:

Unfortunately, the Salesforce implementation is not compatible with the libraries provided in Integration Server 10.1. The installed libaries are:


This is quite an old version that has the Api exposed in the following class as per the Integration Server documentation when invoking service pub.client.oauth:executeRequest:


There is no Salesforce API implementation at version 1.3.0 of scribejava. The first version where a Salesforce implementation is available is at version 2.8.0, but that depends on a scribejava version of the library where they changed the API to:


Just installing the Salesforce API which is found in this jar (scribejava-apis-6.0.0.jar) is not going to work. This is what happens when running service pub.client.oauth:executeRequest:


But obviously, the above library is not installed. So I replaced the old verson of scribe with the latest version 6.0.0. Re-running executeRequest again I get this:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/scribe/builder/ServiceBuilder

This obviously means that the webMethods service pub.client.oauth:executeRequest is not able to make use of the latest scribejava APIs. Does anyone concur or have I overlooked something here?

Is it possible to get the Salesforce OAuth implementation working or should I fall back on tried and tested RESTful calls to the authorization server in order to obtain my access token?


You can use the libraries by placing in integration existing package/code/jars/…

Write custom java service to invoke the call.

This may helpful for you.