OAGIS Fields

I’m new to OAG. In looking for a BOD that would fit my needs, in this case LoadReceivable, I noticed that the sample provided by OAGIS contains fields in the XML that are not listed in the official list of fields. For example “total” and “cost”. What I refer to as the official list is the list that appears along the left hand side of the OAGIS 8.0 index screen. This screen appears by clicking on the index html file which is part of the downloaded documents. So my question is this: where did these fields come from? Does one just create whatever fields are needed if they are not found in the official list?




There are several issues with WebMethods 6.01 and it’s support of advanced features of XSD’s. I was on a project last year that ran into some of the same problems. We ended up fixing/tweaking the IS docs by hand, but we were only using two of the BOD’s. I wouldn’t recommend this approach. The OAGIS issue has come up a few times before in the forum.

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