OAG9 schemas loading in WM713 Developer

Intially, i am not able to load XSD in version 7.1.3. Later developer fix4 and IS latest core fix25 help me to do that

However, I have one more issue that I am seeing with WM713 version. It seems the record names are loaded differently in 713 version, compared to what it was in 712 version. For e.g, the record below named as e.g docType_ns_AccountID (see below) was in 712 version , but when I load the XSDs in developer 713 now,

the same document is now named as docType_oag9_AccountID. Basically all “ns” in 712 is now changes to “oag9” in 713 version. I am afraid this might cause the document references to be lost in flow services and we will loose backward compatibility. Can you help me to fix this?

7.1.3.bmp (1.82 MB)
7.1.2.bmp (1.41 MB)

Sorry! I don’t have 713 environment to prove your XSD problem and but I would can you rename the docTypes to same as in 712 and update the Usages will that work for you?

Did you search on the Empower also and make sure some thing has changed in the 713 OAG/XSD doc types for BODS?

Also are you using the same version of OAG in 712 vs 713 doc type creation?


I have checked in 7.1.2 and 8.2.2 both of them generating correctly

only 7.1.3 it behaving differently. Rename is not right option for us because there were lot of reference.

So issue with only 713 Developer then…

Did you search on the empower and make sure they are covered any resolution?

Why can’t you rename it to as matches in 712/822 dev and so that your existing services will have the same reference and no issues with the references right?