O4I: missing trees under 'monitored components'

Hi experts,
Please can you explain how the ‘monitored components’-tree in optimize is set together? The reason I am asking is - we have 3 change-stage environments and in every one of them this tree looks different. Specially we are missing the ‘art connection’ part in one of the environments.
What does affect its composition?

Thanks in advance.

Can you provide your wM version as well as the applied Fixes for Optimize?

Optimize-Fixes usually consists of several part (for IS, MWS, Optimize, InfrastructureDC & Shared-Libs).


Hi Holger,

I’ve attached the screenshots of the ‘about’ page…
Thanks for helping.

Optimize version screenshots.docx (97.3 KB)

Hi Elena,

this is bad luck as I am not used to 9.0. I am currently migrating from 7.1 to 9.5 with some intermittent local tests on 8.2.

Additionally can you check for the following line in infradc.cnf:

Set it to false and restart your InfrastructureDC.

Are there any InfrastructureDC-Modules deployed to it?
Check your optimize environment for the InfrastructureDC.


Hi Holger,

that’s ok. I’ve also opened an SI at SAG Support… Hope to get it solved.

And yes, I’ve tried to reload the metadata - no changes; optimize environment seems to be ok.