NTLM Authentication

Dear Experts,
We are trying to setup BPM + webMethods to use our Active Directory as its user store. We have two Active Directories, and our users exist in both of them because of an ongoing migration.
Of course, we have no users that are active in both AD’s because that would lead to unwanted errors.

We have achieved the configuration that makes BPM to lookup the users in both AD’s, but we have an issue. Actually, webMethods is not filtering inactive users, so it’s finding duplicate users given an user id. Is there a way to set up webMethods to ignore inactive users in AD?

Thanks in advance,

If those users have some sort of attribute that signifies they are ‘inactive’ then you can specify a User Object Filter on the Directory Service Configuration. For more information, please see: Administering_My_webMethods_Server → Managing My webMethods Configuration → Configuring an External LDAP, ADSI, or ADAM Directory Service


Thank you very much for your answer. I will try your suggestion, and I’ll be back with the results.

Thanks again!