notifications for broker health

Hi All,

I have to develop code which will send email notifications about the broker health i.e. the queue information, number of documents present in the queue etc. so that in our Production environment, we can come to know if there is any problem or a problem might occur due to queue overflow.

If anyone has done something like this before, please point me in the right direction.


The Broker Java API is pretty straightforward to use. I did something similar with it to monitor queue depths and message movement through the queues. In a nutshell connect via a Java Broker client, use the api to check the current number of documents in particular queue, check the last retrieve times etc. Let’s say you check a queue and it has 20 doucuments in it, you get the last retrieved time, you check it again in three minutes and it still has 20 documents or more in it and when you check the last retreived time it has not incremented. Good chance that the IS server pulling the documents out or other broker client is hosed.

This has been very reliable for us in indicated health of our Integrations. Check out the Broker API Document for details on how to use it.


Do you mean the Broker Admin Client?


The BrokerAdminJavaApi is what I used. There is also a BrokerJavaClientApi. Sorry that was probably confusing.:o

Thanks for your inputs. Mark, I am using the BrokerAdminJavaApi to solve the issue.

Could you please share the most vital parameters which I should be taking care of, to monitor the Broker health?



I’d recommend attending an Administration or Advanced Administration course. These are available as online training modules as part of the eLearning Passport.


are these course available for all who r wiling to pay or only for webmethods customers staff trainng?
and also what care is taken not to repeat the same topic content over the various modules lin elearning and webinars covering the same webMethods components…
in webinar,i also find the same topics handled by many experts…why si that so?

You might also take a look at wM Manager. It provides a good way to monitor IS and Broker and can be hooked into BMC and other monitoring platforms that support OMI.