Not Getting TN HTTP Response

I’m using routexml to send a transaction to TN where it is sent through http to a trading partner that returns a response. I then call getTask and do a bytesToString on the HTTPOutput/body/bytes. I can see that the TP gets the request correctly, but the output to the bytesToString never appears in the pipeline. At first, I thought it might have been a problem with the TP sending the response, but it works fine if I use a flow service for the HTTP Post and get the response directly instead of through TN and getTask. Any ideas?

Try mapping the task/OutputData into an OutputData document. Then map OutputData/body/bytes to bytesToString. This seems to work fine for me.

I thought that’s what I was using, but it turned out I was using, which didn’t do what I need it to. It’s working great now… thanks!!!