Http response

Hi all,
I’m sending xml doc to one of my clients using http. I’m sending the xml doc to TN using routexml. Everything is working fine and i can see the status 200 also in task of TN. But I need to access the body of the response msg. I can see the body of the response msg in TN tasks as a byte. But I need to view it as a xml string. The problem that i’m facing is that in developer after using routexml I can’t see the response msg in the pipeline. All i’m getting in pipeline is the bizdoc that’s the output of the routexml. So how can I access the body of the response msg that I’m able to see in the TN tasks tab.



Please use (WmTN) services,if you are want to extract TN document delivery task status.

routeXML puts bizdoc output in the pipeline that was submitted to TN and response is not associated with it.


Thanks RMG,
I used getTask service. It worked.

Glad to know it worked.