"Not authorized for resubmission" message is displayed while resubmitting the failed messgae in MWS


Am getting the “Not authorized for resubmission” message while resubmitting the failed messgae in MWS. Please find attached the screenshot. I understand that i have to do some ACL seetings or permission management. I dont know how to do?? could you please advise?



1)In MWS Administration–>Systemwide---->Permission management
select user/group you belong and click on permissions
In the list grant permission to IntegrationMonitoring—>Services—>Resubmit
2)Check roles in which you belong so that you have right priveleges to resubmit
3)Check the service ACL also

Please check with you wM/MWS admin who can help you with on this request…unless you are trying to do some thing on your local.

Did you tried approach to your wM sys admin?