Not allow in to TN console

I am new to TN,please solve this issue,I am stragule with this from long time.

I open TN console at that time I get error is

TRNSERv.000012.000114 Could not get profile summary(username=Administrator) java.lang.NullPointerException

Check that the server is running and accessible.Check that the current user has ACLs to

this is error.
I get succesful message form TN pool,and at instal time in TN pool filled all details i.e pool parameters and TNConsole Package/config/server.xml file contains servername,username ,it didnot show password why?

Plese solve this issue

Please check this article to resolve this issue:

Resolution:Try restart the IS and re-login TNC and check.


Hi rmg ,

I solved this problem with your suggesion,so thank you

Great…thanks for the update!