Not able to view the RFC Trace files in Admin UI


I am using SAP Adapter 6.1 SP1 and IS 7.1.1.
IS running as a windows service.
I added the line SET RFC_TRACE_DIR=%IS_DIR%\packages\WmSAP\logs to the sever.bat file to view and manage the RFC trace files and log files.
But i am able to view only the log fils and Overview over RFC Trace Files in SAP Adapter admin UI showing message like “There are currently no RFC trace files”.
All rfc*.trc and dev_rfc.trc files are storing at C:\webMethods7\IntegrationServer location.
Any idea about this?


After the change did you restarted the IS?? After a restart of the server it should redirect the trace files to:


Note: If you change the RFC_TRACE_DIR environment variable as described, you will no longer be able to view the logs on the SAP->Monitoring page in Integration Server Administrator.