Not able to set "Resubmit Enabled" for model steps in MWS

I have recently been having an issue where in I am unable to set steps for “resubmit enabled” for the path:
MWS->Administration->Business Processes-> {Process Model}

I select the checkbox for a particular step and then Save. If I go into the same process model, I don’t see the step’s checkbox being set. This is happening across the environments.

We are using wM 8.0. I am having required access. And I am able to do for some of the model’s steps. But not for others.

Can you please help me on this. Please let me know if you want more details.

Thanks in advance.

what is the logging level that you applied to the process model.?
to check this, go to designer → process model properties -->Runtime → Minimum logging Level.

Logging level:= “5 - Process and all steps”
QoS:= Only “Optimize Locally” set.

any errors logged in IS logs, when you try to enable a step for re submission and on save??
also, please check for any fixes around this on empower.

The process model, for which you are not able to resubmit the specific steps. Can you open that step in designer and change the resubmit properties to unlimimited. And the rebuild and upload.