Not able to send/receive data over HTTP


I am sending data using AS2 to one of our partner. In TN Transcation analysis,I can see the data get processed. But,the partner is saying that they have not received the data .Also,I am receving the MDN,but it contains,invalid data .

The MDN contain :

Message-ID: %MDNheader/Message-ID%
Content-Type: %MDNheader/Content-Type%
AS2-From: %MDNheader/AS2-From%
AS2-To: %MDNheader/AS2-To%

Partner is saying that ,he is not able to send us the data. He is getting some n/w error.

Is there any need for any n/w setup for the communication to happen ?


It might be helpful to list the specific error he is getting. “some n/w error” isn’t nearly useful enough for us to be able to help.

It’s not giving any error.I can see the documnet in the Transaction analysis of TN. If the document is received properly then I should receive a good MDN.
Also the partner is saying that ,he is not getting the file.

The TN logs may indicate an error during transport. It would be strange for TN to claim everything is okay when it is clearly not. Be sure to review the delivery task(s) for the document to see if any errors are logged.

Got the error…

The HTTP service is giving service unavailable exception. We are checking with our partner whether the firewall at their end has allowed access to our server.

Do we need to have some firewall setttings for the communication to happen ?

What type of settings the partner need to have at their end ?

These are questions best answered by your network group.

Integration Server and Trading Networks don’t know and don’t care about firewalls.

A common production environment configuration is to use an outbound proxy. Your networking team can tell you if one is in place, and if so, you’ll need to configure Integration Server to use it for outbound connections.

Have you partner check the URL for the HTTP to make sure it’s valid. Also, check the security tab for both you and your partner’s profile in TN to make sure it’s properly configured.