Not able to search transactions in MWS

HI Team,

We are Upgrading WebMethods from 10.5 to 10.11, and have installed one instance of IS and MWS in non prod environment.

Rest of the things are working fine, but we are seeing following error in MWS while searching for transactions: (docQuery) encountered execution error. The main connection to the data store has not been initialized. Check the Trading Networks JDBC connection pool.

Following is the version and Fix level:

|Version:| ||
|Installed Fixes:| |MWS_10.11.0_Fix3|

Product	webMethods Integration Server
Updates	IS_10.11_Core_Fix4, Trading Networks Server 10.11 Fix 1
Build Number	724

JDBC Pool configurations in IS are working fine.

Please suggest.

I think the error was clear right? Have you checked whether you IS JDBC Pool Alias for Trading Network? Have you configured it?

Thanks for the prompt response.

The JDBCPool alias for TN is configured alread and is working fine.


did you remember to update the TN database schema via Db Configurator accordingly?


Yes @Holger_von_Thomsen we used DCC TN DB Migration scripts to get it migrated from previous version.

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