not able to pull data from TC to mashzone nextgen while creating data feed (version 10.1)


I have created data feed and able to see the list of cache and their fields but while clicking on the calculate preview, I am not seeing any data and neither getting any error message in logs. I have data in cache and I have made the cache fields searchable using attribute extractor intercae and I have placed the same attribute extractor jar in mashzone install directory\apache-tomcat\webapps\mashzone\WEB-INF\lib\ .Can someone help to diagnose this problem and solve it?

Hello Vachas,

How you are trying to pull data from TC Cache ? have you created any mashup using RAQL to fetch data from cache ? Also please confirm if your cache is configured in MNZ Administrative view.


Hi Yogesh,

Thanks for the reply, but the problem got fixed now, I had missed one property while creating the cache and after fixing that, I am able to fetch the records. below is the property name