Not able to manage Integration Server

We are using ManagerServer 6.1.5. to monitor the WM Components in our Enterprise. When I try to add & Manage Integration Server I am getting the error as
2005-06-28 15:26:11 GMT+05:30 [ISU.0000.9999D] IsCascadingAgent.setObjectStatus Integration Server failed: java.lang.InterruptedException.

I have added the entries of IP&Hostname for both m/c`s (Manager Server m/c & IS m/c) in hosts file of both the system.

I was able to manage Broker Server & Workflow Server running in the same machine where the IS is running but the problem is I was not able to manage the IS.

What should be the problem?

Can any of u guide me.


Try removing javax.jar from the lib/jars directory of the Integration Server being monitored (Not the Manager Server). You will need to bounce that Integration Server.