Not able to delete the folder using developer


I’m not able to delete the folder from the package using developer.

WM Version: 8.2
BackGround: I had to consume new wsdl so tried deleting existing wsd and corresponding folder but only wsd got deleted (Elements under the folder was deleted too but not the folder).

Error Message:
Package/Folder.webSvcConsumer.Services_: Could not delete folder completely:
-[ISC.0081.9012] Folder is not empty in package.

I know we can delete that folder by logging into Unix but do we have any other solution for this issue ?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Ganesh,
There may be some services present inside your folder for which your are not provided view access(List ACL) permission.
Can you check with Administrator access or in file system level if have access.



@Baharul, Thanks for the response. There were no services present in that folder.

We finally deleted the folder manually by logging into the unix server and restarted the WM IS.

Hi Ganesha,


You can not remove a dir if it is not empty, so the error. I hope in background IS executes rmdir command.



Its good you deleted the folder from unix box but I guess reloading the package and then trying to delete would have worked (I hope you have the admin privileges). Let me know if you again face this kind of surprise issues :slight_smile: