Not able to debug the java service Error : Cannot connect to server "<Server Name >:port"

not able to debug the java service due to below

Error :Cannot connect to server “”

Can any one suggest what could be the issue ?


hopefully, you have checked that the server was started on the same machine on the mentioned port, before trying to test the service.
If so, there should be a more detailed error message, why the test service cannot connect to the service to be tested.

You might want to edit the main()-method, so that you can pass the server in the args on the commandline.


On the machine where you are using Designer (i.e., localhost), open a browser and try to access this IS. Make sure that you can reach the server via the browser, before you try again in Designer.

There could be multiple reasons - server online on the right port (as Holger says), or the port not being open for connections (firewall rules) even if it’s on your own/same machine.



Thanks the issue is resolved

Thanks the issue is resolved

The 5001 port is https port .

I have tried it bypassing the http port too but I thing needed to do some other setting in designer

in General > network connections.

can you guys suggest how to do that .