Not able to access a HTTPs site using webMethodsURGENT

Hi all,
i am trying to login to a HTTPs site using a Java service.
i have a jar file that has the class to connect to the HTTPs site.
i created a java service that instantiates the class and uses the logon function to log to the site. but iam getting an error

  General Exception:Illegal call to webMethods https protocol handler 

but when i created a java class outside webMethods and tried to call the jar file it connected to the website.

is there any HTTPS isuue that i have to take care like the keystore

this is an urgent situation can anybody help me out.


Where you able to solve this problem. I am having the same issue.


The sample codes are available in adavantage
Do you want to check what you are missing?

this link will help solve your query, we also had this [url=“”][/url]


thanks for the help, it worked.