Tamino Servlet Error on HTTPS


My software are:
1) System Windows 2000 Professional
2) Tamino
3) Apache 1.3.22 + module SSL
4) Apache JServ 1.1.2
5) Internet Explorer 6.0

When I use https connection I got message: Tamino Servlet Error but I must admit that Apache Jserv is running pretty good because on testing page displays message “IsWorking” (on https and https connection as well!)

What can I solve this problem?

Best Regards
Dariusz Baumann

Java (at least up to 1.3 Version) can not work with “https” addresses by default. You probably need to install JSSE package from sun

It’s just a guess, because I do not know the Passthru-Servlet internals well.

I’m afraid I can’t give you the solution, in fact I’m not sure there is one. The passthru servlet calls Tamino with a URL constructed from the URL you supply to invoke the servlet. This URL will copy the protocol and domain name parts of the supplied URL, however, it doesn’t attempt to reconstruct the HTTP header. This is known to give problems when the HTTP header contains authentication information, because this isn’t passed on to Tamino.

I’m only starting to get to grips with this, I’m sure there are people who understand it better than I do…

I doubt that using a more recent version of Java will make much difference, though I might be wrong. Certainly, it’s the Java run-time that is used to resolve the URL that the passthru servlet constructs to access Tamino.

Mike Kay