Non-GUI Install

For Red Hat, I am trying to do a console install. Version 8.4 has a recommended directory style change, going back to version /opt/softwareag/Natver ie /opt/softwareag/Nat84.

From empower we downloaded the softwareag.

When I get to the documentation, 95% talks about the GUI install.

  1. Can I install through a desktop VPN?
  2. We have inside desktops, we should be able to use those to install?
  3. Once we download Natural and have a license, why do we have to use the installer

I know I am an old ‘grey hair’, but geesh! A simple install process gone mad :slight_smile:

Mike Waldron

ps X-Window is a no no

The console installation follows the same questions/selections as the GUI install.

  1. yes you can install over VPN. I do it all the time. I haven’t been forced to use console mode for a long time, but it works too.
  2. are you installing Natural to a server? Using a tty program to access that server? What is the question about “inside desktops”? Use the desktop to run the tty session to connect to the Linux server and run the install program there.
  3. You can use the installer to download and install in one pass. However, as most servers are (properly so) firewalled against internet access, you can run the installer on your desktop to download the install image (for Natural, in your example). Transfer (FTP) the install image (and installer) to the server, run the installer to install the product image (the installer can install dozens of different products). Use the GUI mode or the console mode - both can and will install the product.

I personally use mobaxterm for connecting to Linux/Unix servers - it provides handy X-Windows support with no fuss. There are lots of TTY tools, some with X-Windows, some that need separate tools to run X-Windows. Try some out and see what works well for you.

Douglas, as always thank you.
I do use mobaxterm but they are resisting X.
The products have been downloaded as .zip and I assume that is the image
Again appreciate your quick response.
Mike Waldron

Douglas all is well, thank you.

Mike Waldron

Douglas, sorry to bother you again. I’ve had to try and re-install with user sag. Last time MOBAXTERM went into GUI with no problem using ssh then java -jar …, for some reason it won’t go into GUI, what silly thing have I forgot???

Happy New Year

could be a number of things, but the first that pops to my mind is…did you set $DISPLAY? Check the IP address you have been assigned by the VPN and set the DISPLAY variable accordingly…something like

export $DISPLAY=

where “” is the IP address the VPN has assigned to you.

Thank you. I found out that I executed a products environment variable and it messed up my display.
I relogged on and am okay.
Thanks, sorry for the bother.
Happy New Year