Natural windows installer

The set up for Natural windows for installer is not working.
its showing the error of user name or password is invalid, which I used to enter for VIP password

Which Natural for Windows version are you trying to install? The free CE version, or the full version? I don’t think either one requires your VIP user-id (email address) or password. But the full version may want your Empower user-id/password, I’m not sure.

What program are you running to do the install, and at what point are you asked for user-id and password?

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I am using the below link,

Below are the packages I am installed as part of this,


Not sure , I am missing anything here

OK, that link leads to the Natural for Windows Community Edition Free Trial Download page. When I click on it I am next redirected to the VIP PASS sign in screen, at the link below.

When downloading software, the site always requires you to enter your VIP PASS email address and password to validate your credentials. If that is the screen where you are getting the error user name or password is invalid , then you need to resolve that issue before the download will be available. Note on the Login screen below the button, there are 2 links for help.

Need Help? Click here to learn more.

Lost Password? For assistance finding your registered login and/or password, click here.

If you have forgotten your VIP password or mis-typed it, try again. If nothing works, click on the Lost Password link and you will be sent an email with a numeric password to replace your old one. Click on the link in the email to activate your new password, and then try logging in again using the new password.

If your email address has changed since you created your VIP PASS account, you would need to create a new account with your new email address.

Once you are able to get the VIP PASS login page to accept your credentials, you should be taken to a page that asks for your name, company you work for, job title, phone #, etc. Unfortunately when I try a download today I am getting a Firefox browser error saying the Page is not redirecting properly. I may have too many tabs open logged into Software Ag, so I’ll have to shut down my browser and try again later.

If you can’t get logged in at all, there is an email address in the Help FAQs you can write to directly. You might also try all the debugging suggestions in the FAQ as well.

Your message quoted above didn’t include the image, so I’m not sure what you were trying to show.

If the VIP PASS signin is not the problem you are having, or if you have gotten beyond that and run into another problem, please clarify what steps you have accomplished and where you are stuck.

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