Where to install NaturalONE


We have 5 programmer’s and I am not sure if I should install naturalONE on each of their pc’s (windows 10) or ask our Citrix people for a windows 2016 server.

What version must I choose for naturalONE if my natural on unix is natural 9.1. My ADABAS(v6.7.0) is running on unix (aix 72).

Thanks. Henk

NaturalONE v9.1 is available and should be used with Natural v9.1.

Citrix is supported - https://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/naturalONE/natONE911/core/relnotes/rn-new91.htm#rn-new91-citrix

Thank you Douglas,

Would you recommend Citrix route or the individual install of NaturalOne on the PC’s for each developers. I am trying to find out which one is the preferred method out there?

I can see once I have NaturalOne installed I need to connect to my development server on Unix, but how do I know what port number to give to my firewall team? I do know the ip address?

Thanks, Henk

we have customers going both ways - haven’t seen a clear trend for or against yet. Some also use RDP to a shared server (instead of Citrix). Administratively the shared server is easier to manage, although you do have to make sure the workspaces are not shared.

You set the port number for NDV when you start it up. Default is 2700, I think. IP address is that of the server NDV is running on.