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We are based in Brazil. I collaborate with a Natural One support team. Since 2020, we are
working at home. Each programmer machine has your own antivirus+firewall solution.

I d like to ask if there is a list of which ports Natural One for Windows needs for.

Sorry about English mistakes.


Hello Leandro,

Could you share more information.
Does the Natural application is on MF or Linux?
Do you use repository ? e.g. git.

In general NaturalONE connect via Natural Development Server (NDV) to Natural, then the port configured to the outside world of the NDV should be the one to be used as outbound.
For the repository you should have the port opened to the outbound visible to your Natural ONE installation.

Do you have any challenges on your Natural ONE configuration?


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Other than what the NaturalONE install process will define automatically as locally used ports, the only client device port you should have to worry about defining a Windows port policy for to allow an incoming connection to should be the incoming connection used by the Debug Attach Server you will run on your local client so that your mainframe Debug session can connect to your local client’s Debug Attach Server port. You define which port number the Debug Attach Server connection will use in NaturalONE.

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z/OS 2.4 mainframe, DB2 V12


NCI834/CICS TS 5.4

NDV911/NaturalONE912 Fix#8


EXX10.5(Broker Kernel in RedHat Linux 7.5 environment)

EXX10.3(ACI & RPC Servers in MF environment)



Thanks for your reply. I am late, but I could solve our problem. For default, Windows sets our VPN as Public Network. When I mark as Private (it is almost local network), everything works out of the box.

Our biggest challenge is devs culture. Majority of them have huge amount of hours inside 3270. Natural One brings VCS and Text Editor to the PC’s. I think more they will program, more they will notice it is easier use PC for editing than 3270.


Thanks, Kathy. I solved mark VPN as Private.

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