Nodes creation in MWS

Hi All,

I want to create a few nodes in MWS. Do we need to have Cluster set up before creating nodes ?

If not, please let me know how to create nodes in MWS

Thanks for your time !


If I may ask what do you mean by node? IN term of Clusters, node is a system which can operate in cluster. Nodes can be created independently and to be in cluster you just need to point all the nodes to share the same database…

If that’s the case then you bring the system / node into cluster by modifying the cluster.xml file which you can retrieve from the DB with the help of mws getconfig , modifying it and upload it with the help of putconfig


In my Org, we have 2 nodes which are in cluster, one is active and the other is passive.

I want to create 2 nodes in MWS in my desktop. Is this possible ? If so, then what is the process to achieve it. Thanks in Advance.

Yes, very much possible to have more than one instance of MWS in given environment. You can create the new instance with command . you need to provide the instance name, port , DB URL along with user id and password …

In case if you already have a MWS instance running as “default” on port 8585 … Make sure to change the parameters while creating the new instance… Also, in case if you want the instance to be in cluster and if you have running MWS instance you can use get the DB detail with getconfig … For detail it would be best to refer the MWS admin guide …

Hope this help