No xml content corrupted doc

A trading partner is sending us XML transactions. But sometimes these XML transaction have XML special characters in them like <,>, or &.

Obviously, it’s not valid XML, and Trading Network understandably gives

Unable to get XML content for corrupted doc 50001c000qujgamq0000017d. The original exception message is: com.wm.lang.xml.WMDocumentException: [ISC.0042.9325] Element <line_comment> is missing end tag.

Is there any way to have TN catch these kinds of exceptions and execute a flow service that can alert me when this occurs?

A little trickier - can I somehow still interrogate the XML to get the Sender ID out of it?


Actually XMLNodeToDocument is the one that catches this kind of special character errors when they have in the data with out &…I dont think TN can catch the exception while processing.


That error I posted was actually from TN. On the transaction details, under the activity log, the very first entry had Type: Error, Class: General, Brief Message: No Content, and then had that error message in activity details.

When they post in, they execute the routeXml service, which only runs, and, so I don’t think XMLNodeToDocument is involved at that point. At least, not that I can see by look at the flows.

You may be right…So when you see the error in the Activity log catch the exception event and alert the failure.