No WaitForReplyContext AND found


We wanted to create an asynchronous service using UM. Is there a documentation on how to create such service?
I’ve tried the pub.jms:sendAndWait and waitForReply, however I keep getting the errorr ‘No WaitForReplyContext AND found’.

Hi All,

Finally found the root cause for this. The uuid/JMSMessageID should be mapped to the JMSCorrelationID in the Subscriber side before sending the reply to the reply Queue/Topic for the publisher to correlate the reply message using the waitForReply.

Please feel free if there’s something wrong in my implementation.

However there is a different issue I’m facing with the subscriber. Since the trigger is listening to the main Queue/Topic and processes message every time the one is published and then sends a reply to the reply Queue/Topic. In a Clustered environment, when using queues, only one of the integration servers will receive the reply message, thus the main IS that published the message will have a chance not to receive the reply message. But when Using a Topic as the reply Topic, since there are many (example. 2) integration servers then all subscriber will receive the main message from main Topic and will publish a reply thus this will mean there are duplicate messages of the same JMSCorrelationId, which is not very Ideal.