No visibility to outages errors or production runtime failures

In our present environment, there is no way for anyone except the middleware admin to know if there are failures in middleware. I would like this monitored some where else like some kind of popup message or sending an email to somebody about that error.


You can make use of WM Manager tool for monitoring the IS stats/healthy/logs of the system and regarding technical problems build a alert email logic in the Interface/flows for ErrorHandling and extract the exact error dump and send report email to the support team/managers etc…

Bottom line is this is very critical build and required in integrations.

Just some thoughts,

Thanks RMG for the response i will surely try that and lets see wat happens.

You can send an email message from the Logging section of the IS Administrator. You need to populate service mail and mail host. When an error occurs on the IS (i.e. something that will go to the error log), an demail will be sent. If you catch the error gracefully, then you would use the Exit step and signal failure to throw the error.

As far as WM Manager, I believe that Manager was wrapped up into Optimize for monitoring.