No Update information found for query result


I tried to update tamino data, when there are changes in the dataset with adapter.update(ds,null). But the only message that appears is “No update information found for a query result”. Can anybody tell me, what this message means?
Thanks in advance

Is it possible you could provide a stack trace?

Also could you provide the code that you used to construct the TaminoDataAdapter and Fill.

Have you read the documentation under:

Tamino API for .NET Documentation →
Programming with the Tamino API for .NET →
Working with Datasets and the TaminoDataAdapter

especially take note of the Limitations of the DataSet support.

Thank you Mark for replying.

Here is the used code:

Getting Data from Tamino:

adapter = new TaminoDataAdapter(connection, “AVS”);
ds = new DataSet();
adapter.Behavior = TaminoAdapterBehavior.UpdateByItemMapping;
TaminoQuery query = TaminoXQueryBuilder.BuildXQuery(null, “input()/avs”,
adapter.FillSchema(ds, “AVS”, true);
adapter.Fill(ds, query);

dataGridHersteller.DataSource = ds.Tables[“auftrag”].DefaultView;

Writing Changes in the dataset back to tamino:
adapter.Update(ds, null);

Could you provide the stack trace as it will identify the reason for the failure.