No templates exist for the selected item.


When I am trying to make the JDBC Adapter and after selecting the adapter connection name I am getting------

                     "[B]No templates exist for the selected item[/b]."

Someone please tell me the solutionā€¦Image is attached above


Check if Adapter connection is enabled or not?

Solutionā€¦After restarting the server above problem is solvedā€¦


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I was getting the same error.
On restarting the Integration Server, issue was resolved.

Restarting always should help dealing some weird/unsual errors :smiley:

Restart work most of time for these issue, but if issue happens in production we should have proper reason for justifying restart

Even i am not sure. I have heard from our architects telling unexpected behaviour of flow code, adapter services etc happens because of metadata got dropped(not sure what is metadata in IS)

Solution they suggested is increase perm size.Any idea what will happen, if we increase perm size?

Sure I got your point.

What is the version we are talking here?

Mostly not affect as it deals with JVM class decoders or some memory related with metadata (which is mostly deals with in common folders).

some info on permsize:

Please first try change in lower environment and see if there is any impact and after validation do it in prod and thatā€™s what they suggest too.


Can disable then enable the connection fix your issue? The template information would be written to connection after itā€™s initialized(or called enabled)