No support for MSSQL database jar out of the box

Why doesn’t webMethods support connecting to MSSQL database out of the box? Why do we need a manual effort like downloading and placing a jar for a feature that is so basic? Also, setting up “DataSource class” manually while creating a JDBC connection, how does that align with the abstraction layer webMethods is adding to the product. It should be offered by selecting drivers alone in a drop-down as we see in JDBC pools. I believe there is a scope of improvement here.

Hi Vimal,

the JDBC Pools are using the bundled DataDirect Driver, while the JDBC Adapter ships without any driver jars.

Meanwhile the DataDirect Driver can be used with JDBC Adapter, which was not possible in earlier versions of wM Suite.

Additionally by placing the JAR file in the adapter manually the JDBC Adapter supports more different Database Vendors than the bundled DataDirect Driver do.

See System Requirements and Adapter System Requirements documentation for further informations.

MSSQL is available via DataDirect Driver as it is one of the supported databases by wM itself.