No services in imported packages


I am trying to replicate an existing system. As part of this, I am importing packages exported from the other system into integration server using the “install inbound releases” function of the package manager. For one of the packages, this works fine and once the package is loaded and activated, I can see all the services contained in the package. For two others, the install appears to complete without any reported errors, with the message:

However, if I click on the installed package in the package manager, it reports “Elements Loaded” = 0, and if I then click “Browse services in Xxxxxx”, I get “No services in Xxxxxx”. If I look inside the package zip file, I can see that all the services are there.
Examining the contents of the package zip files, I can’t see any significant differences between the package that works and the ones that don’t.

Can anyone suggest how I can go about diagnosing this problem?


Hi Richard,

are you able to see the services on the source server when browsing for services?

Certain node types are not displayed when browsing for services like doctypes, triggers, adapter connections etc.


Make sure the package is installed and activated. Try reloading the package to check if that helps. If not you may have to re-export the package again from the source IS and install it manually. I assume your package might be corrupted and that might be the reason.

Alternatively use WmDeployer to promote or deploy packages.


Also verify you don’t have a namespace conflict with another existing package.

Can you browse the services in the web admin page? Do the associated ACL give you read permission?

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