No server is available for portal

(1) When I click on the Process Configuration link in My webMethods, I got the following error:

No Server is available.Please verify that your server is running and a network connection to it is available before proceeding.

However, the server is on the same box.

I already set up the password was out-of-sync for WEBM_SYSUSER in both IS and MWS, but still doesn’t work.

(2) when I log on My webMethods portal as Administrator, I got following message:

The Portal Administrative accounts are reserved for troubleshooting your My webMethods Server installation. It should only be used in conjunction with technical support escalations where there may be a need to have webMethods Technical Services staff walk through specific troubleshooting and system level diagnostics tests for your My webMethods Server deployment.

This account is not a recognized My webMethods Users account.

What else I need to set up for configuration?



Have you indicated your IS into the WebMethods Configuration / System configuration ?
Have you configured the WmComauth package and the “monitor.cnf” configuration file of the WmMonitor package ?

yes, i did.

#Monitor configuration settings
#Thu Feb 22 17:26:31 EST 2007