No navigation pane in MWS

Hi All,

I’m facing a strange problem in MWS since a couple of days.

When I log in on the My webMethods Server I can only see my user information and there is no navigation pane on the left. Basically this means I can’t use the portal anymore as I can’t navigate trough it.

I logged on with the Administrator user and a LDAP user(whom has admin rights), but it is all the same

I’m currently using IE 8.0 as browser, but I’ve tried with Firefox 4.1 and 3.6 as well and the result is the same.

We are running on webMethods 8.0

This is the last entry from the MWS log when I logon with the Administrator user :

2011-05-13 10:05:03 CEST (Framework:INFO) [RID:71] - Processing request [i517spqe4ftm:[B]Guest[/b]] http://MWS:Port/ (POST)

I have no idea what this log entry should look like, but I find strange that it mentions “Guest”.

I hope someone van help me with this,