newbie creating a subcispage problem

hi clive,

as it seems, the property in the xml - layout doesn’t fit to the Getter
in the adapterCode :

In The Layout u use subcispageprop=“contentPage”, but the Getter is named getInnerPage()…

see ya


Hi Clive,

You are absolutely right, in Version 2.2 there is no DataType class. This is automatically generated in Version 2.3.
(In Version 2.2 we only support the generic usage of SDO. From Version 2.3 on we also support a more conveniant usage via generated Java classes.)

This means for version 2.2 the code for the xciInit() method is like this:

public void xciInit() 
      DataObject data = getXCIData(); 
      DataObject innerPage = data.getDataObject("innerPage");
      innerPage.set("page", "/myproject/somesubpage.html"); 

Best Regards,

Hi Christine,

All working now. Fantastic!
Thanks so much for your help.

Best regards,