New to Adabas - Crystal Reports SQL problem

Hi - New to Adabas. We have it installed by a 3rd party running on a custom Linux kernel behind a router and I don’t have direct access to the database - only to a set of views. I’m trying to pull off the last 24 hours production figures for all jobs run. I can do this easily on SQL Server and MySQL, but it falls over on the Adabas connections. With the other DBs I have set up custom views to do it server-side but as I don’t have access to the Adabas DB I can’t do that, and the suppliers don’t want to add a view because it then becomes a non-standard installation. I get the 3008 INVALID KEYWORD OR MISSING DELIMITER error and ACCESS VIOLATIONs. I’m also fairly new to Crystal - we’re trialing XI with the Entrprise Server - so having problems with their SQL Query editor as well but I have posts on the forum there too. Also, the Adabas connection seems quite slow. I’m using the ODBC connector V13.01.07.00 - is there a way to optimise the connection? The DB has aroung 250,000 records from the last 8 months or so and I now have to report on them.