New query-Tag

I’m planning a new Tag, where the system or user can enter a XPATH Query directly or the user enters a specialized syntax like:
‘AU=“Peter” and DE=“Rosen” AND NOT RM=“Frühling”’
This syntax will then be transformed via a translator and then queried aganinst the database.
Is there already a tag which accepts a complex query with and, or, not, ady,… or is it planned to implemented something like that? (I don’t mean the translator, this we have already, I mean the possibilty to enter a complex query!)

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Hi Reto,

in the next version we plan to provide a complex query facility.
For the page designer it is then possible to formulate arbitrary Tamino queries for documents stored in Tamino. User input can be mapped to fragments in the query.

Regards, Harald

Note: this information is provided for review puropses. Depending on your and others comments we will determine to include the described functionality into a final software release package. This decision is up to Software AG´s discretion.


the new version 3.1.3 of X-Application is available. It allows you to define XQL expressions for the tags action and directcommand.

In combination with the new variable support of X-Application 3.1.3, query expressions can parameterized.

Have a look at the JSP part of X-Applications documentation.