New Line and Tab Characters - ASCII to EBCDIC, EBCDIC to ASCII.

We have java application on the front-end accessing Adabas on z/OS via CONNX on Windows Server.

The java application have text fields containing new lines and TAB characters in ASCII format. When saving these data to Adabas on the mainframe via CONNX, does CONNX do the necessary conversion of these characters to their respective EBCDIC format?

Similarly, when returning these data to the java application upon a select, does CONNX take care of the corresponding EBCDIC to ASCII conversion?

Right now on those characters, they appear to the java application as non-printable character of “?”.


Please also comment on the translation from UNICODE to EBCDIC, i.e. text columns containing UNICODE special characters storing in an ADABAS on z/OS. Will the unicode characters be translated to EBCDIC by CONNX prior to storing the data in Adabas?

Thanks again,

Yes, the SQL Gateway will perform the translation of these characters EBCDIC to ASCII and ASCII to EBCDIC. And also from UNICODE to EBCDIC and EBCDIC to UNICODE (as long as there is a valid way to translate the codepoint in question).

I would recommend that you open a support incident for this if this is not getting translated properly - but it should work out of the box.