New Guardian Browser

Are you planning on taking a Software AG Professional Certification exam? We have good news that will make your online proctored testing experience more efficient.

Starting on July 26th all Software AG certification exams, handled by our learning partner ProctorU, will be supported by the Guardian Browser.

Guardian Browser Article Image

Guardian is a secure internet browser that connects Certification test-takers to ProctorU proctoring sessions across all service lines – Live+, Review+, and Record+. Guardian works alongside the ProctorU Platform to provide enhanced security, streamline the remote testing experience, and make proctoring sessions more equitable for all test-takers.

All Software AG test takers will need to install the browser in the machine they plan to use for their exam session. The installation process is secure, quick, and friendly. Simply access your ProctorU account, click on the button “Download Guardian Browser”, open the browser, and start your session. We highly recommend preparing your equipment within 24 business hours before the exam date/time, and from the location where the exam will take place.

This enhancement will surely make your testing experience smoother from the technical point of view so you can focus on achieving success and gaining value from your Software AG Professional Certifications.

For more information about Guardian and how to prepare for your Professional Certification exam please visit our Learning Portal FAQ’s or contact support at

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