New fields on SAP RFC not added to BC outbound map until Restart

I am using in Business Connector to call a custom RFC in SAP R/3. It worked fine to begin with, but when I added some extra fields to the input/output of the function module interface in SAP, I couldn’t get these new fields into the outbound map in Business Connector.

I deleted the flow and recreated it, but no luck.

Eventually I restarted the Business Connector server and was I was then able to re-create the outbound map with the new fields.

There must be a simpler/better way to make new RFC fields available in Business Connector without having to restart the BC server! Does anyone know of a a way?

We are running Business Connector on webMethods Integration Server version 4.7 and SAP ERP 5.0.

Thanks in advance.

If you recreate this map should solve this issue - did you try to relaod SAP adapter package?

Hi KrishnaS,

Thanks for your response. I tried recreating the map but it didn’t solve the issue. I will try reloading the SAP Adapter package next time.

KrishnaS, I tried reloading the “SAP” package in package management. Is this what you mean by the SAP Adapter package?

When reloading the package I got a message saying that the class contains native Java code and that I would need to restart the server anyway, so that goes back to my original question.

Anyone got any other ideas?

I would generally delete all the functions and structures under the DDIC Cache within the SAP adapter on the administrator page.

Also a scheduled job on your test machine to clear the cache would be an ideal practise, so that the RFC call refers to the latest structure.


Hi Bhavani,

Thanks for your response. I cleared the DDIC cache and it worked a treat. Problem solved. Thank you!


How to remove DDI cache using a scheduled job… can we programmatically clear the DDI cache