.Net Client to Task engine/Process engine - experience


we used recently the BPM Suite in a customer environment, where .Net was demanded as User Interface. Together with a .Net developer from the customer it was possible to build all necessary UIs fro the PoC in a couple of days.

The .Net UI connected to the TE/PE via Web Services, both standard services provided by IS as well as some custom built ones for this project. All in all a quick and successful realization.

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Timm - do you have samples?

Yes, if you have any sample code, I would very much appreciate looking at it. I am very new to webMethods BPM and would like to know if I could use webMethods BPM in conjunction with ASP.NET. Is that feasible? What does it entail? What were the most difficult parts in integrating .NET UI with webMethods?

The reason I ask is that I know ASP.NET a lot better than CAF/JSF/Java, and would like to see if I could leverage my .NET knowledge while still able to use webMethods.


Timm, I’m also very interested on this subject. Do you have more information on it, perhaps some external links to useful docs?