Community Web Site Enhancements... Feedback Wanted.

Software AG is pleased to announce several exciting enhancements to the MWS, CAF and Task Engine Community site. These new enhancements provide you with quick and easy access to a dynamic collection of technical information and enable you to collaborate with community members in many new ways.

Enhancements to the site include more technical content, a Wiki area for technical articles, direct posting of sample projects by community members, and one-click access to information resources relating to MWS, CAF and the Task Engine. You can find details about these changes here:

These enhancements are the just the first steps in an initiative to enrich the community with resources that will enable you to build CAF solutions more quickly and resolve CAF programming challenges more easily.

Please give us your feedback on the changes that we made to the community site and let us know what other features and enhancement you would like to see.

Thanks in advance for taking a few minutes to give us your thoughts.

Hi Jason,

I have seen that on the Community site there are several small code samples for different kind of components.

I am curious if you have (or plan to have) a “real life” sample application (including task app, services, process), not just small fragments.

This would be something similar with what Microsoft has created with their Northwind database sample:

This "real life" sample application would be very useful when testing "fixes" and "engineering fixes". It is also needed (for tests) when installing a new webMethods environment or when upgrading (7.1.3 to 8.2).

Right now a gap exists between developers and support/forum. A developer has to always create a sample application in order to explain his problems. It would be much simple just to alter the existing "real life" sample.


Hi Janson,

 Are you still there?

 One other topic that I'm interested in is about best practices/patterns/tips on how to integrate CAF (re)generated code with java code written by developers.
 Does a discussion on this topic exists? If yes, can you please point me to it?

 PS: Sometimes the takes forever to load.


Hello Vlad, we have been talking about building out a sample application but it is not scheduled for this year. I am hoping to get some resources to work on a project like this for next year.

Hello Vlad, not sure your exact use cases but we implemented our CAF development tools on Eclipse to take advantage of the Java tools. If you are basically talking about using jars/libs you created outside of CAF/JSF and calling those classes from your generated CAF code it is pretty easy to do in Designer. I believe we have some of those details in the product documentation. You can always start a new discussion thread on the communities as well. Best regards, Jason