Need WmTnWeb Package

Hello Everyone,

I installed TN using the image file. But the WmTnWeb package was not installed with that.

Can anyone tell me from where or How can I get the WmTnWeb package for the TN console.


Should be downloadable from Advantage install servers using webmethodsInstaller.

I’ve got it on every implementation up through 7.1.1 (though I heard a rumour it will be deprecated in future releases.)

yes ,TN web manager is deprecated one in 7.1.1 version.
If you are using the Current version,you need to select the TN web manager explicitly while installing,otherwise you don’t see the Trading networks tab in Admin GUI.


HI All,

I got the package from the webMethods support group. They acknowledge that it is an issue when you try to install WM using an image file that this WmTnWeb Package is not installed with it.

Thanks Guyzz!!!