Need to programatically automate change in wsdl invokation in case of any failure

Its an interesting issue.
Our webMethods server is consuming 1 of 2 WSDL’s which perfomr the same operation.
The 2 wsdls are used in a fail over manner.

The code is written in such a way that we explicitly invoke 1 of the 2 wsdls via configurations passed.

The issue we face is when 1 of the wsdls goes down we need to manually go and change the wsdl URL on the config side of wM Server.

What I want to do is have a Switching mechanism which tests if a WSDL is up, in case its down it moves onto the next wsdl for invokation. All this we need to do programatically.

I havent found a mechanism where we can test if a wsdl connectivity is up prior to invoking the WSDL URL.

I have 1 idea but want to know all your suggestions on the same.


You even pass URL to the connector webService.

1st check whether 1st WSDL pointing server is up and running, if yes, then pass the URL to the connector.
If in-case 1st WSDL URL server is not up, then pass the 2nd WSDL URL to the connector as you told both the WSDL services will do the same functionality. Please let us know for any comments.