Need to know the process for migrating from Broker to UM

Can any one explain me the process for migrating from broker to UM
Here is the scenario, We have old environment with 8.2 version where we use Broker for messaging and we have new environment with 9.12 and UM.
For one of the module (with 3 packages), we need to move from old environment to new environment.
Here, we need to migrate from broker to UM.
Can some one help me to know the process of moving from broker to UM.
I hope, copying these 3 packages to 9.12 environment and remove the deprecated service usage can help for package movement. Please suggest.

Refer Migrating_from_Broker_to_Universal_Messaging.pdf, there are BIS services in WmPublic

Thank you Mahesh,

As per the document, I have zipped the broker folder from source and kept in the new server and executed migrate.bat . it asked for source folder and i have provided the zip path. Look like it unzipped the folder but its showing the error message like :
Invalid Source Directory $Extracted Path
Enter the full full source Software AG directory or Zip file for Software AG install.
Below is the log message
2017-07-31 15:38:03,795 [main] INFO Migration - Zip file extraction in progress…

Can you please suggest…