Migration from wMv8.2 Broker to wMv9.10 Universal Messaging

Hello All,

While I am migrating wM v8.2 broker documents to wMv9.10 by using following service named as “pub.utils.messaging:migrateDocTypesTriggersToUM” it shows the broker document is updated to UM connection(broker to UM.png) but while I am opening the broker documents it is not updating to UM(Broker.png).

Please suggest me and also find the attached images.


To see if it got updated to UM default connection alias you have to disconnect and reconnect to your IS via designer (I do this and it works) or package reload must do it. See what works for you :slight_smile:

Hello Mahesh,

Thanks for your valuable suggestion, I tried these things but it is not working.

Can you please suggest any thing else.


Ah :shock: , I suggested these steps as it is working for me. I assume you are missing some thing, can you have a look at “Usage Notes” in BIS guide there are some pre-requisites before executing this service.