Need to Convert Word Template to pdf

Hello Folks,

In my project I need to create the pdf from word doc. There is specific word template, first I need to add data in that word template and then need to convert that word doc to pdf. Also after converting to pdf I need to send that pdf by email from webMethods.
Is this possible to achieve this in webMethods? if yes how I can do this.
Anyone earlier worked on this requirement?

Ankush Sharma

Hi Ankush,

you might want to check for the Apache POI project which provides a library to work with word, excel etc. in Java.

After finishing your word document you can use a PDF Java lib to create your pdf for sending by email.
There are several libs of this kind out in the net.


Hello Holger,
Thanks for your reply.
I have already research this but can’t make it.
If anyone worked on this type requirement and share some code will appreciate.

Ankush Sharma