Need to be talked out of terminating SOFTWARE AG contract

I am currently employed as a contractor to a large organization that currently supports ADABAS/NATURAL. For reasons not needed to be mentioned right now, they are looking to terminate their contract with SAG and convert to DB2 or ORACLE. I am fiercely working to prevent this from happening. I have been an ADABAS/Natural developer for over 20 years, but I have no experience with DB2 and my exposure to ORACLE has been limited to datawarehouse access. Outside of the time/expense of having to totally rewrite our systems, I need provide an argument that would convince the powers that be not to do this.

Are there features in ADABAS and Natural that would not available or duplicated in DB2/COBOL or ORACLE?

MU/PE fields, debug facility (I guess Xpediter is still around), expandable arrays, Read descending???

Any differences in performance, data compression/storage, monitoring, security, cpu utilization, etc.???

Any ideas or help with my argument would be appreciated.

Software AG offers some online discussions on Application Modernization that you may want to look at and pass on. See

Also, contact your local Software AG sales account executive for assistance!