Need suggestions to estimate hardware sizing for webmethods 9.12

Hi All,

We are in a new project where webmethods 9.12 version is going to be used and we are in the process of deciding harware sizing for setting up new webmethods environment for the latest version.

We need to come up with an estimate and propose hardware required(processor type, speed,number of processor, memory etc) to run the components of Webmethods in Windows and Linux

We have the Gear doc of version 6.5 and also got to know that the sizing requirement is available for maximum version of 7.*.

We are unable to decide anything through the gear doc of version 6.5 and we need to estimate this for version 9.12

Our proposed integration for the project is to get JSON object from the frontend ,perform validations and then query/update DB.

Can someone be able to suggest the approach to get this estimation.

Hi Swaathi,

please check for the current System_Requirements guide as well as the webMethods_Adapters_System_Requirements guide.

you will find them in the documentation section of either Empower ( or the Community (

Memory and processor spped will depend on how much messages you expect in which timeframe.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your response.

I will check the same.

In Empower under Documentation - Technical reports you can find performance reports for all products.

Gear is not maintained anymore.

If you need assistance in the sizing, your local GCS (SAG Global Consulting Services) can help you with professional sizing.