Need suggestion on wM 6.1 to wM 6.5 migration


Need help/suggestions from anybody who have worked in wM 6.1 to wM 6.5 migration.

Want to understand the startegy followed in migration of integrations from 6.1 to 6.5. Also it will be more helpful if u can share the risks, lessons learnt from the migration.

Do we have any list on services(Flow/Java) which got depreceated in 6.5 env? Is there any Java classes got depreceated in 6.5 env?

How can TN Data (Profiles, Doc Types, Pro Rules etc.,) and models can be migrated from 6.1 to 6.5?

Also we are planned to upgrade SAP Adapter from 4.6 to 6.5 & JDBC Adapter from 6.0.3 to 6.5

We have the following components in our env: IS,TN,Broker,JDBC Adapter, SAP Adapter.

Be sure to read the migration documentation available on Advantage.